November 23, 2009

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to write to you to announce the Radó Advanced Psychoanalytic Seminars for the 2009-10 academic year.  RAPS are a means to further professional development, earn CME credit, pursue individual interests, and participate in the intellectual life of the Association.  We are instituting changes for individuals and groups wishing to take part in RAPS from this time on.  All advanced candidates and graduates of the Center must belong to or join the APM to attend RAPS.  Analysts from other APsaA institutes who do not belong to an APsaA society must also join the APM.  There must be at least four APM members in a RAPS, and they must constitute at minimum half of the total number of participants in the group.  This enables us to welcome non-APM participants (e.g., analysts from other societies, non-analysts) for a $50 annual fee.  Individuals and groups already enrolled in RAPS are exempt from these conditions.

Last year was an especially active one for RAPS and RAPS related activities.  The third Master Series devoted to the work of Stan Coen was very successful.  Krin Gabbard spoke on Some Like It Hot at a lively APM Movie Night.  The Committee on Careers, Identity, and Practice sponsored a panel discussion on analytic career paths featuring John Barnhill, Gail Saltz, and Sabrina Cherry.  Eric Marcus conducted a sold-out seminar on doing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with patients who have attention deficit disorders.  Missing: Siblings in Psychoanalysis, the APM’s biannual international symposium, was a phenomenal success. 

This year’s program has many new offerings.  The Committee on Careers, Identity, and Practice is planning an informative discussion on the procedure for and experience of certification.  It is also organizing several groups focused on topics of particular interest to recent graduates and senior candidates.  APM Movie Night has been scheduled for February 5th at the Thalia where Bonnie Kaufman will discuss The Seven Percent Solution.  The master class series for spring 2010 is being arranged.  Three groups have been added to the RAPS roster: Psychoanalysis and Religious Experience, a long-running group co-chaired by Kevin Kelly and Sandy Pauker; Fatherhood in Male Development, being formed by Andreas Kraebber; and a candidate, peer supervision group co-chaired by Dave Gutman and Sylvia Fogel.

The Post-Graduate Education link on the APM website ( contains up-to-date information on RAPS including CME forms and the new eligibility requirements.  Kevin and Sandy’s and Andreas’s groups, which should interest many, are accepting new members.  Among established RAPS, Female Sexuality, Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Religion & Spirituality, and Journal Club chaired by Vivian Pender, Sandy Pauker, and Ted Kenny respectively are also able to accommodate new members at this time.

Both incipient and unregistered groups may join RAPS throughout the year.  Peer supervision groups, whose membership is usually by invitation only, retain control over such decisions while receiving the benefits of RAPS.  For those seeking to begin or expand a group, RAPS may be an effective way to recruit members.  I encourage anyone interested in forming or enrolling a group to contact me.  In any case, I welcome your involvement and am happy to be of help.

With best wishes,

Peter M. Bookstein, MD

Chair, RAPS