Groups starting in Setember 2009

Chairs: Kevin Kelly, M.D., Samuel Pauker, M.D.
This group—new to the APM membership—is in it’s tenth year, meets monthly in NYC to discuss a broad range of topics and readings regarding psychoanalysis and religious experience.  Recent topics have included: the nature and treatment of ‘demonic possession’; transference-countertransference with the religious patient; 'energy healing' and psychodynamic treatment;  difficulties involved in discussing ‘religious’ like adherence to political beliefs. We keep track of the emerging literature on the topic to review and discuss.  If you have a topic you would like to discuss with the group, would like the link to our group website and/or would like to be kept abreast of meeting dates and topics please contact Kevin Kelly, M.D.  at, 212-348-9661 or Sandy Pauker, M.D.  at, 212-737-6330.

Chair: Andreas Kraebber, M.D.
The goal of this group is to apply a multitude of psychoanalytic
perspectives to the experience of fatherhood to shed further light on the
complex psychological transformations that define this crucial phase of
masculine development. The educational objectives include:

1. becoming familiar with the already extant psychoanalytic fatherhood
2. becoming familiar with the fatherhood literature in allied fields
3. applying psychoanalytic concepts to the complex unconscious processes
stimulated by the experience of fatherhood and how these contribute to the
developmental phase's potential for growth and / or regression
4. establishing a vocabulary to describe the individual capacities and
relational processes that permit satisfying and successful fatherhood
5. proposing theories for the impact of the quality of one's fatherhood
experience and family life on one's personal experience in the world at
large (e.g., experience in extended family, workplace relationships, and
social or political roles).

The group will meet monthly at the office of Dr. Kraebber. To join or for questions, please contact Dr. Kraebber at (212) 874-4984 or


We also encourage peer supervisory groups which are currently running to join the APM RAPS structure.