Tuesday, October 5th, 2004, 8:00 PM

The Robert S. Liebert Award in Applied Psychoanalysis

The Question of a Weltanschuauung:
Ethnographic Observations 70 Years Later

Nancy J. Chodorow, Ph.D.

In his New Introductory Lecture, “The Question of a Weltanschauung,” Freud alerts us to the ways that ideological shields and taken-for-granted assumptions affect thinking. He contrasts what he sees as the proper scientific attitude of psychoanalysis with these other non-scientific modes of thought. Beginning from Freud’s explorations, this talk will consider some ways in which such shields and assumptions continue to be played out on many levels in psychoanalysis today. On the largest scale, I will consider the curious divide between psychoanalysis and the social sciences, on an intermediate scale some instances of how our thinking about gender and sexuality has been shaped by pretheoretical and cultural assumptions, and on the most micro scale, how theory influences clinical listening.