TUESDAY, December 6 , 2005 at 8:00 p.m.
collation will be held at 7:00

An Empirical Foray into the Macroprocesses of Psychoanalytic Treatment: Evidence for Differential Modes of Therapeutic Action

 panelists: Eric A. Fertuck, Wilma Bucci, and Sidney J. Blatt


A major challenge facing the field of psychoanalysis is the development of research instruments and methodologies that capture the complexity and creativity of psychoanalytic forms of treatment and their differential application for individual patients.  A pioneering cadre of researchers has begun to investigate the outcome and microprocesses of psychoanalytic treatment.  What has been relatively neglected is the assessment of psychoanalytic macroprocesses, which can provide a crucial conceptual and empirical link between microprocess and outcome research, and a unique window into modes of therapeutic action.  Dr. Fertuck will present a macroprocess study of psychoanalytic treatment informed by the Multiple Code Theory of Wilma Bucci, and by the distinction between Anaclitic and Introjective Personality Configurations of Sidney Blatt. This study found common and differential modes of therapeutic action in anaclitic and introjective patient groups.  Professors Bucci and Blatt will each elaborate on the implications of the findings of this investigation for psychoanalytic treatment and research.