TUESDAY, October 11 , 2005 at 8:00 p.m.
collation will be held at 7:00

Talking about Medication: On the Use of Medication During Psychoanalytic Treatment

presenter: Robert Glick, M.D.
discussants: Larry Sandberg, M.D. and Wendy Olesker, Ph.D.

In the presentation of a co-authored paper by Robert Glick and Steven Roose the authors take a particular interest in the challenges posed to the psychoanalytic process when medication side effects arise. This is a moment when countertransference anxieties may prompt the abandonment of an analytic exploration of the transference. The authors discuss the particular countertransference fantasies and examine the reasons for, and consequences of, suspension of curiosity and openness in the mind of the analyst in combined treatments. In these clinical situations the author suggests that effective analysis requires the analyst to be "bilingual," holding in mind both analytic and pharmacological models.

We will have two discussants to offer contrasting perspectives on this topic. Olesker offers the view of a psychologist/analyst with experience of referring analysands to psychopharmacologists. She focuses on how to conceptualize integration of psychodynamic approaches with medication. Sandberg, a physician/analyst like the authors, asserts that those with this dual identity must come to terms with the split identity, integrating aspects of their medical knowledge into their analytic work.