TUESDAY, April 1, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.


1st presenter: Elise Snyder, M.D.
2nd presenter: Ubaldo Leli, M.D.
discussant: Haun Saussy, Ph.D.
Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures and
Chairman, Department of Comparative Literature, Yale University

The history of psychoanalysis in China will be discussed, along with the history of the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance. An overview of the work of CAPA will be sketched, including the provision of analysis, psychotherapy and supervision to Chinese mental health professionals and also long-term training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults and children. Socio-cultural differences between Americans and Chinese will be examined, as well as the impact on the psychoanalytic process of these differences and of conducting analyses remotely via internet in a second language. Clinical examples will be presented, including material from an on-going analysis. The panel will consider the challenges and successes of psychoanalysis with Chinese patients in the context of great cultural, historical and geographical divides.