Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 8:30 PM

"Intrasubjectivity": Preconscious Defense Analysis and the Neuropsychology of Memory

by John Munder Ross, Ph.D.

moderator: Eric Marcus, M.D.
discussants: Drew Westen, Ph.D. and Edward Nersessian, M.D.

held at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute
247 East 82nd Street, NYC

Exploring the the topography of the inter- and intrasubjective analytic situation and process, the author suggests that defenses are not by definition unconscious, but rather can be observed operating at conscious and preconscious levels providing a window on what has become uncoscious repression. As a result of eliciting and analyzing the operation of defenses such as disavowal in the here and now transference, declarative memories of specific fantasises and events begin to hold sway over nonverbal procedural remnants from the infantile past. With this may even come the possibility of neuronal regeneration. Herein lies the specific therapeutic action of psychoanalysis --the "talking cure" -- as one among the variety of psychotherapies.