APM Program, 1998-99

FALL 1998


October 6, 1998

Scientific Paper
Once More Onto the Couch: Consciousness and Preconscious Defenses in the Psychoanalytic Situation and Process
Speaker: John Munder Ross
Discussants: Howard Welsh and Ellen Peyser
Bulletin Reviewer: George Sagi

November 3, 1998

Scientific Lecture
The Neurophysiology of Lust, Infatuation and Attachment:
Drive Theory Revisited
Speaker: Helen Fisher
Discussant: Eric Marcus
Bulletin Reviewer: David Forrest

December 1, 1998

Panel Discussion
Psychoanalytic Principles in Medical and Surgical Practice
Moderator: Milton Viederman
Panelists: Jane Rosenthal and Jonathan Slater
Discussant: Satish Reddy
Bulletin Reviewer: T.B.A.


January 5, 1999

Panel Discussion
Envy: Excitement and Danger
Moderator/ Discussant: Jules Kerman, M.D.
Presenters: Rita Frankiel, Ph.D. and Adrienne Harris, Ph.D.
Bulletin Reviewer: Eleanor Schuker, M.D.

February 2, 1999

An Evening in Honor of Arnold M. Cooper, M.D.
Teachnig Freud to Undergraduates: A Case Report
Chairperson: Robert Michels
Authors: Elizabeth Auchincloss and Nathan Kravis
Discussant: Steven Marcus
Bulletin Reviewer: Brenda Berger, Ph.D.

March 2, 1999

Robert Liebert Memorial Lecture
On Applied Psychoanalysis
Speaker: Peter Gay, Ph.D.
Bulletin Reviewer: Craig Tomlinson, M.D.

April 1, 1999

Panel Discussion
The Columbia Supervision Project
Chair: Robert Glick, M.D.
Panelists: Deborah Cabaniss, M.D. and Stephen Roose, M.D.
Discussant: Herbert Schlesinger, Ph.D.
Bulletin Reviewer: T.B.A.

May 4, 1999

The Forty Second Annual Rado Lecture
Presenter: Judith Chused
Bulletin Reviewer: T.B.A

May 25, 1999

Scientific Paper
The Impact of Psychoanalytic Theory and a Two-Person Psychology on the Empathizing Analyst
Speaker: Marvin Wasserman
Discussant: Robert D. Stolorow
Bulletin Reviewer: T.B.A.