1. The George E. Daniels Merit Award

In 1950, on the fifth anniversary of founding of the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Clinic the APM commissioned a medal ("inscribed with the name of the Association, the figure of Psyche, and a caduceus on one side, and a laurel design on the other side") -- the Merit Award -- to be given for contributions in any of three categories:

outstanding contributions to psychoanalysis through research or teaching
a unique contribution to the welfare and advancement of the APM
contributions in psychiatry

In 1970 the Council of the APM recommended to the Committee on Merit Awards to name it the George E. Daniels Merit Award.
The award is usually presented to its recipient at the Rado Lecture.

George E. Daniels, M.D.

2. The Lionel Ovesey Award

The Ovesey Award is sponsored jointly by the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine and the Psychoanalytic Center and is given to a candidate at the Center "who has been significantly involved in original research, contributed to the psychoanalytic literature, or has developed an innovative teaching or treatment program that has psychodynamic theory or treatment as its primary component." The award was initiated by friends of Dr. Ovesey, through the APM, is presented at the New Candidates' Dinner in the Fall, and carries a cash-award of $1000.00.

In September, 1997, Dr. George Makari was the first recipient when he was in his fifth year of training.