The new APM CME Certificates will have a new "semester" format to satisfy the reappointment applications record-keeping requirements to report CME activities on a calendar year basis.

The Certificates function as summaries of your AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ activities with us. An auditor may request the APM to disclose our attendance records to verify the number of CME hours that you have claimed (we are mandated to keep records for six years.)

The Certificates will be issued annually—you may request certificates covering longer periods if you need them—before the January 31st deadline of reappointment submissions.

The number of CME credits you will receive are based on your Monthly Scientific Meeting and RAPS attendance.

Your request for a certificate need be accompanied by a completed evaluation (download forms below) of the Monthly Scientific Meetings for the period you are filing CME credit for and we will need the evaluations for the remainder of the year submitted by July 1st thereafter.

Please do not forget to ask your RAPS Chair(s) to (1) fill out the RAPS course description (aka RAPS Statement) for the current year (2) Faculty Disclosure form from Chairs and invited presenters (but not from attendees)—the deadline for the RAPS submission is January 15th —and (3) have the Chair forward a copy of the RAPS attendance sheet for the second half of the year (September-December). RAPS course evaluations need to be submitted o the APM CME Committee at the end of the academic year by July 1st.

You will receive credits based on your having initialled the Monthly Meeting sign-in book and the RAPS attendance sheets.

Also, please note that in the next few weeks we will have Judy and Joan at the Center to handle most CME administrative matters and you will be kept up to date here on the website.

George Sagi, M.D.
CME Chair, the APM
254 West 102nd Street
New York, NY 10025
tel: 212-678-1188
FAX: 212-678-1188

In order to receive the American Medical Association Physician's Recognition Award (AMA PRA) Category 1 Credit™, the organization offering the activity must be accredited by either the ACCME, or a recognized state medical society, or be a joint sponsor with an entity that is accredited—in our case this entity is the American Psychoanalytic Association.

member's paperwork downloads
(please use currents forms as they have been updated, with important information)

RAPS course description aka RAPS Statement (one copy to be filled out by Chair of RAPS)
RAPS course evaluation (to be filled out by each attendee at the end of the academic year and forwarded by July 15)
RAPS attendance sheet (one copy to be initialed by attendees at each meeting)

Monthly Scientific Meetings (Academy) evaluation 2005-06
Monthly Scientific Meetings (Academy) evaluation 2006-07
Monthly Scientific Meetings (Academy) evaluation 2007-08
Monthly Scientific Meetings (Academy) evaluation 2008-09

faculty disclosure form

detailed administrative guidelines

administrative downloads

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