(1) Your issued CME Certificate is based on the honor-system of reporting and you are asked to fill out the number of Category 1 credits you have earned by attending the corresponding Symposium presentations and it is for you to keep.

(2) The sign-in book we had at the CME desk for the duration of each section of the Symposium was for you to sign. This may not be necessary for you to claim credit for your attendance but the sign-in sheets comprise your attendance record with the APM in case your CME reporting is audited with us, and then we can confirm whether they were signed.

(3) Please fill out the evaluation form that was enclosed in the CME packet, and if you have not submitted it to the CME desk, please mail or fax it to me. There is a pdf format evaluation-form on the website that you can download for submission.

(4) If you were signed up for CME credit and you have not picked up you packet, email me and I will send it to you by email.

(5) the educational objectives for the Symposium evaluation forms were:

(a) to develop an understanding of the concept of the Dead Father

(b) to explore the impact of the Dead Father on the corporeal and intrapsychically represented Body, on our evolving Theory, and on 21st century ‘postmodern’ Culture

George Sagi, M.D.
CME Chair, the APM