You can refer to this page whenever you are uncertain how to sign in, and feel free to email me ( for more help.
How to obtain a lost Username and Password

If you have forgotten your Username and/or Password you can still have them quickly emailed to you.

Just click on Cancel on the members login dialog-box (if yours looks slightly different it is because I am using a Macintosh... In Explorer the dialog-box wording is slightly different and it asks for a User ID and a Password)

image

or the Authorization failed. Retry? alert

Authorization failed. Retry? image

and then, you are presented with the "failed authentication" page that looks like this:
This page gives you the options to:

(a) re-enter Username and Password by clicking try again.

Sorry, authentication required... image

(b) have your Password emailed to you by clicking the Password if you know your Username
and you will be taken to the following window:

mail me my password image

you enter your Username and click Mail me my password

(c) have both your Username and Password emailed to you when clicking the receive my account

Sorry, authentication required... image

and on the next page

type in your last name in the space My Lastname and click the button Select User

The page that appears next

that is me image

will give you the option of selecting (of a list of names if there is more than one APM member with your last name like Shapiro) That is me, and your Username and Password will be emailed to you (that is to the email address that is already in the database under your name so that nobody else can get it.) As you see the password of a user does not appear on the page.

If you thought that this nicely detailed information is like the joke of the counter-clerk reassuringly pointing to a can of sardines in the hand of a customer saying "Don't worry the instructions for how to open it are safely sealed in the container" you can go to a page set up in the public directory without an outside link and bookmark it for future use, just in case...

How to modify your Username and Password

Modify your record image

Once you are in the Members Area, under Account Settings clicking the button Modify your record you can, and should change your Username and/or, at least, your Password to whatever is easy for you to remember (unless you are a mnemnoist and can recall a meaningles cluster of characters on demand...).

If you were wondering, the Password that you are issued first, and was emailed to you, is a randomly generated string of characters so that it is unique, and is available only to you.
Security has its price.

Once you have received the email from Reminder@the with a subject heading Membership Reminder (this usually takes only a few seconds) you can proceed to join the APM members community by clicking below

You can bookmark this page just in case, as no link is provided from the public page...